A Stress-Free Way to Host Virtual Events

👋 Hi, I'm Christina with Producify! From partner meetings to virtual training, this past year has turned everything in marketing upside down.

With everything happening virtually, your firm should consider how pre-recording your virtual events in 2021 will eliminate the stress and "what ifs" to live events. Nothing is as frustrating as having poor Internet connection or technology hiccups.

We offer two options for pre-recording your event:

1. Send us your pre-recorded event content to edit into a final, polished video.

2.  We help you and your team record your event content through virtual production.

Whichever option is best for your team, you receive a professional event video that is ready to be shown live.

As you plan for your 2021 events, consider pre-recording your videos.

Curious about what that could look like for you and your team? Reach out for more information and pricing. ⬇️

Choose from Our Two Virtual Services:


1. You Producify It

You record yourself and your team's event content, send it to us to edit into a nicely polished, branded video to use on event day and beyond. We will remove any audio, color, or visual issues. We add branded custom graphics, lower thirds, an animated logo, as well as animated text cards or animated images.

Producify zoom LT

Producify virtual background-1

2. You Producify Virtually

We assist you and your team in recording your event content  for editing by virtually producing the filming process. We help you set up the shot and produce the speakers so they don't have to read off a script. We also provide training to your team on the best practices and settings to use in Zoom. 

After producing your event video content, we get to work on editing the content into a nicely, polished branded video  that is ready to be shown live.

Pre-Recorded Virtual Event Videos


Professionally Edited

We not only edit your content together, but we remove your mistakes, like "um" "like" "uh", and eliminate any embarrassing moments.

Animated and Branded

We will animate your video with lower thirds, images and PDFs, a PowerPoint presentation, or other animated graphics.

Fast Turn Around

We offer fast turn around times. You will receive your final product within 72 hours of requested changes.